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Women and Periodontal Health: Special Considerations

Here we have highlighted four common life events for a woman that can result in periodontal related health issues: Puberty: During the pre-teen and teen years, a girl may experience swollen, red and tender gums. This is due to an expected increase in progesterone and estrogen, which cause increased blood circulation in the gums, in […]

Children’s Teeth: A Timeline

Do you know when your child should be expecting their first new teeth as a baby? How about when they should be loosing those baby teeth? As with many things in development, every child is different and has a different time frame for each stage, but we’ll give you a general idea of when you […]

HPV and Oral Cancer: The Connection

With cases of oral cancer, specifically oropharyngeal cancer (the back of the throat), on the rise among those under 40 years of age, we as oral health professionals are trying to get the word out about the various causes of oral cancer and the importance of early detection. Oral cancer has historically been attributed at […]