Meet The Staff

 Stacey-Business Team

Stacey has been in Dental care for 27 years, serving in all aspects of the dental office. After working as a Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) for 9 years, she completed the University of Alabama Dental Hygiene Program in 2001 at the top of her class;afterwords she worked cleaning teeth for 6 year. Her insight and concern for people, and enthusiasm for oral health, make her a passionate advocate. She is someone that will help you overcome whatever stands between you and the care you need.

Stacey is most satisfied when someone’s life is changed by the difference a healthy smile can make. She is a firm believer that dental health is a cornerstone for your over-all health.


“I love playing a part on a team of professionals who have excellent goals for themselves and their patients. We are not only improving smiles, but making a difference in people’s self-esteem and over-all health That is exiting!”

 Shelia-Business Team

It was to our fortune the day we added Shelia to our business team. Her 30 years of experience in all areas of the office make her tremendous assets to our patients and to us.

Shelia’s humanitarian spirit makes her a good match for her roles as treatment and finance coordinator.


Shelia - Business Team

“I enjoy working in an environment that provides state of the art care, and being a part of a group that is committed to excellent care for their patients.”

 Brenda -Dental Assistant

Brenda comes to us with 8 years experience in the dental field. Her cheerful personality makes it easy to see why we are glad to have her on our team. Always willing to work in any area in the office, but enjoys assisting the dentist.    She has an ability to put you at ease, one of those people who make you feel like you have known her all your life.

Brenda is currently enrolled at U.A.B’s pursuing a Dental Hygiene Degree.

 Joy-Dental Hygienist

Joy began her education in 1982 at Case Western, where she trained as an expanded chair side assistant for 3 years. She also was a student of the prestigious Panky Institute for continued studies in the area of periodontal care. Joy completed her Dental Hygiene studies at U.A.B. and has been practicing since 2001.


Joy - Dental Hygienist

“I have enjoyed the dental profession for 34 years, and each individual patient brings my dental training further into focus. I truly care deeply for each of my patients – they are why I do this.”


Kelsey-Dental Hygienist

Kelsey has been a member of the dental team here for 5 years. She has moved through the riggers of dental education-mastering each phase with excellent scores. She attended U.A.B. ‘s dental hygiene program.Her cleaning method is as pleasant as her personality!


“I am honored to be mentored by a group of professionals that have made the science of oral health their life.” 


Anita –Insurance Coordinator

Anita graduated from University of Southern Indiana with her B.S. degree in healthcare services. Understanding your benefits and applying them to your treatment needs-what she does best.  She strives to keep your cost down.  A rejected claim to her is just a challenge.  We are grateful for her even temperament and dedication.


Anita has her B.S. degree in Health Care Services. She has served in the dental field for over 18 years. She is kind , and determined as she works with our patients in coordinating benefits.  

“Being a pa


This happy soul joined our team in 2012. Her back ground in nursing comes to the table in the way she takes care of the detail. Most eager to continue her education; she plans to attend dental school in the future. She brings energy and a tremendous attitude to the team.


rt of a positive experience for our patients is rewarding for me!”