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Our Latest Patient Testimonial

These people are absolutely wonderful! They make you feel comfortable and relaxed when you're freaking out, which means they're insanely polite and friendly. It's the best dentist office in town, and I've been to a lot lol. When you walk in you feel joy and happiness because everyone is communicating with one another and it makes it less freaky (because dentist offices are usually dead quiet). Dr. Evans is amazing and has a lightning personality! He is seriously passionate about his work and it definitely shows! He's an incredible dentist and he doesn't put you out of your comfort zone. He's very considerate of the patient in every way. I'm so fortunate to have stumbled upon such a great place to go for dental work. They should really make a small investment in t shirts for their patients so they can advertise what a great place it is to go! The shirts should reflect the personality of everyone there and have a neat slogan below the logo and info on the back 🙂

- April H

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Our Latest Patient Testimonial

Wonderful Drs and Staff - Thank you Hickory Hills Dental!!!

- Melissa S

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Could not be happier with my results from having my implants and dentures. I can eat steak, corn on the cob, anything I want. I don’t even take my dentures out. The staff was wonderful and I can say I truly looked forward to going to their office. Dr. Evans did a great job. I would recommend this procedure to anyone, it has made a huge difference in my life.
Ben Beecham

As a patient of Dr. Evans and his very professional staff, I’m happy to recount my experience as a recipient of five – that’s right, five dental implants.

I actually set out to “interview” dentists prior to making my selection of the practitioner to perform my extensive dental work. The original consultation with Dr. Evans, the third dentist on my list, surpassed my expectations.

Decision made, I was provided all the information needed to make my decisions, from x-rays to extractions, from measurements to selection of size and color. Complete explanation of time structure and cost all provided fully and expertly, no unfortunate surprises.

I was treated with compassion and sensitivity by the entire staff and an added bonus was that at the precise time of my appointment, I was in the chair and ready to be treated. During each procedure Dr. Evans or one of his staff was by my side making certain I was comfortable and knowledgeable about what was happening. I could not be happier about my decision to have implants and my good fortune in selecting Dr. Evans and Hickory Hills Dental Care.

As a personal aside, I am in my late 70’s, have lived in 14 different states and had dentists in each one, therefore I believe I know whereof I speak. I smile a lot and it looks good!!
Dorothy McGrath

I would like to thank you and your staff for the professionalism and kindness shown to me during the recent months of surgery and implants. Your office staff, Sheila, Stacy, Pam and Amanda were wonderful. I was even called at home at night to make sure I was doing OK after a difficult procedure. You all have my gratitude.

I first went to Dr. Evans after consulting with two other dentists. I did not care for any of the plans they came up with and could not afford some of the things they suggested.

First of all, I had a large bone growth in the upper palate that caused my top plate to rock from side to side as I tried to chew. Second, over a year ago I developed an infection under my teeth in the lower jaw. It healed but left all my lower teeth loose and moved over at least half of the space of one tooth. That made it almost impossible to wear my lower partial.

After X-rays were taken, Dr. Evans suggested I have surgery to remove the bone growth and a new top plate would be made that would fit. An excellent surgeon was selected and three days later that was done. In two weeks I had a beautiful, new upper plate and absolutely no adjustments were necessary.

The MDI implants had been discussed and explained to me in the first visit. A sample set was shown and I was really impressed with what he told me they could accomplish.

Next my lower teeth were extracted and the implants went in at the same time. There was absolutely no pain from the implants at any time. My partial had teeth added to it and a temporary lining and I was able to eat while waiting for the extraction sites to heal.

I now have my permanent plate on the bottom and the MDI implants give me complete stability and the freedom to eat and enjoy life as I have not done in many years.

And please do not think you are too old to have this done. I will be 77 in a few short months. I wish I had known about the MDI system before. This is wonderful.
Margie R

I would recommend dental implants to anyone. My only regret is that I didn’t do it sooner. Before my implants I was not able to eat anything. I was so uncomfortable with how loose my teeth were that I wouldn’t even want to go out to a restaurant. I couldn’t even eat things like and apple or meat and if I at soft things like oatmeal, it would get up under my denture. I hated to even sneeze because I felt like my teeth might come out. Now I can eat whatever I want.

By the time I decided to have the implants I had lost so much of my bone in the back that we were only able to place four implants. I would suggest getting implants as soon as you decide to get your dentures.

The next day, I resumed my normal activities and was able to eat whatever I wanted. I took a little Advil for the soreness, but other than that, I was fine.

My level of confidence has increased tremendously and I love to go out to dinner and look forward to social engagements. I can honestly say taking the step to invest in my implants changed my quality of life.

Don’t Wait!
Scarlet Hinson