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About Dentures

Transitioning to a denture, many times can represent great loss.You may feel regret or shame for having lost your original teeth.

Difficulty eating favorite foods, sometimes gagging or a psychological rejection of the denture is common.

Often times, there is a loss of social confidence due to the difficulty that is encountered with eating and speaking. It is not uncommon for dentures to shift at a key moment, making it something you can’t always count on.

The underlying bone gets the message that it is no longer needed to support the teeth and begins to shrink away (significantly in the first year). Long time denture wearers can attest to the changes that occur over time, especially with the lower denture.

While this all sounds a bit despairing,we at Hickory Hills Dental Care are excited about the options that we have to present to you! While we grieve the loss of your natural teeth with you, the truth is sometimes a healthy mouth is a mouth without teeth.

A denture is a terrific restoration but as we explained earlier, they can leave a lot to be desired. Dr. Fawcett has been placing implants to retain dentures for 20 years. Dental implants allow for a more secure fit of the denture. The implants also stop the bone from shrinking away.Ability to eat foods of choice and social confidence are restored.

The American Dental Society (and Dr. Fawcett) recommend the use of mini implants to prevent bone loss(this occurs with missing teeth) . These implants are used as snaps for the denture . This allows you to eat, laugh, socialize with confidence.

It is also possible to place the implants to hold the denture with the long-term goal being to restore the arch with permanent fixed teeth. 

We are excited about your oral health and are eager to help you in this restoration phase.